Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Red roses...

This may be a  simple bouquet of red roses but it can speak a thousand words. I spent the whole of last week in Far East Flora, arranging flowers for Mother's Day. I realised during my "vacation" in Far East Flora that among all the roses, yellow roses are the most beautiful roses. I was suprised then... I have always loved white roses.
Sunflowers always make me smile and of course, so do the rest of the flowers. When I visit a florist shop, the first thing I look out for is the sunflower. Sunflowers are tall, bright and particularly attractive and smiley to me. Whenever I finish a flower arrangement, I would say to the flowers "flowers, GLOW!" I love nature and respect nature.

When I am connected with flowers, I behave like an anthomania (花痴):o). I am glad to know that some of those who love flowers behave the same way like I do. At least, I know it is normal and I am normal :o). I haven't been drawing lately. Starting to miss drawing. Will put up some animal sketches as well as... perhaps, children's portrait :o). 

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