Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Table flowers for my tiny shelter...

Flowers used are carnation, daisy (bellis perimis), pom poms and leaves. It is a simple table setting but yet freshens up my home. Miemi would usually sniff it and turn away. She didn't seem to like my flowers or perhaps, she didn't want to spoil them by nibbling on them. She lovesmy neighbour's plants. She loves to nibble at them and I pretend not to see it.

There was once my aunt gave me a money plant. I thought Miemi would like it. The plant lasted for only two days because... I didn't know why there were worms around it. My neighbour told me about the worms. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known it. Growing or tending to plants was completely new to me at that time. Soon, I am becoming an expert.

I love white roses. Pathetically, I only received 2 hand bouquets of 12 white roses in my life. Many times I bought for someone else :o), during a friend's birthday, Valentine's day or Christmas day or even any other day.

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