Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flowers placed beside my T.V...

On my left, the flowers are arranged in an Ikebana style. Flowers used are Birds of Paradise and Gerbara. I display it beside my T.V. Birds of Paradise look like swans to me. They bloom from September to May and are native to South Africa. Birds of Paradise require a good amount of sunlight. Usually I would leave my flowers under the morning sun for a while. As well as allowing my cat to tan herself under the sun along my corridor. That is her usual habit.

If you ever notice, you'll tend to see stray cats sleeping under the sun instead. I just got to know that white cat with blue eyes are usually deaf. I remembered I saw one below my block and I only happen to see the cat twice. Of course, the cat was all beautiful to me as it had shimmering blue eyes. Perhaps, the cat might not be the deaf one.

I am going to put up beautiful bouquets of roses soon. Hang on!

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